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Create your repository of documents by uploading them to the Customer Portal to get personalized recommendations.



As you type in a Word document, you will see recommendations based on what you have created before.

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Reclaim your knowledge with inteliLex!

Our solution combines proven technologies, new ideas and legal knowledge into a useful tool for everyday usage. Cross-functionality of experienced IT engineers and lawyers assures high value and quality of inteliLex.


Knowledge in an instant

inteliLex suggests relevant text instantly, based on what you are writing at the very moment and what your organization created in the past.


Simple and lightweight

Installation and configuration are quick and simple, so you can start using inteliLex right away, on any machine, in most languages.



Keeping our customers’ competitive advantages unique is very important to us. Thanks to encrypted connections and proven technologies, your data stays safe.



You don’t need to change your whole organization and software suite - inteliLex works within MS Word, supporting your daily job without any disturbance.



inteliLex is extremely easy to use and won’t take your or your employees’ time to get familiar with. Just install and use it within your tools!



Our software was appraised by international judging panel during the Global Legal Hackathon 2019 as one of the best projects globally.

Meet our team!

There is no good product without an amazing team to back it up!

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Agnieszka Poteralska

Board Member

Experienced lawyer passionate about promoting usage of LegalTech solutions, spreading her knowledge during international events. Author of articles and research papers in Polish and German. Member of International and Technology committees in local and european bar associations. Laureate of many prizes and scholarships for lawyers, including Rising Stars - Lawyers Leaders of Tomorrow 2019 competition.

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Tomasz Żmuda

Board Member

Full stack software developer with 6 years of professional experience. Proficient both in the programming part of the application (frontend and backend) as well as the infrastructure. Gained technology and business skills while working on various software projects: financial systems, Cloud Management systems and also his own libraries used in the entertainment industry. Lead Developer in inteliLex.

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