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How to install inteliLex

In this article you will learn how to install inteliLex add-in for Microsoft Word and create a quick launch button if it was not created automatically.

Desktop version (MS Word installed on your computer)

The installation method may vary slightly for different versions of MS Word. In all cases, the following works:

  1. Launch MS Word
  2. In the main app window choose the "Insert" tab
  3. Find and click "Inset add-in/My add-ins" option
  4. A new add-ins window will appear. Choose "Store" there
  5. In the searchbox type "inteliLex" and find it one the list
  6. Click "Add", confirm the installation and that's it! inteliLex installed on your computer
  7. After installation, a quick launch button with the inteliLex logo should appear on the top bar - if it is not there, go to the bottom of the this blogpost to learn how to add it

For apps that come as a part of Microsoft365, you can just type "Add-in" (after first 3 letters the desired option should be present) in the searchbox at the top of the window app instead of steps 2 and 3. The possibility to open "Insert add-in" should appear in the results.

Word Online

Installation from Word Online is identical to the desktop version within the Micosoft365.

Installation from the Microsoft online store website

It is also possible to install both the desktop version and the online version with AppSource - a Microsoft business applications store. In this case you should go to inteliLex Appsource site, click "download now" and follow the instructions. On the page that appears after confirming the installation, you can choose whether you want to install the application in the desktop version or online ("Office online").

Quick launch button did not appear - what should I do?

Sometimes the inteliLex quick launch button on the top bar does not appear automatically after installation (especially in Office 2016). To add it manually, you must after the installation:

  1. Choose "File" in the left top corner of the Word app
  2. Then go to "Options" at the bottom and "Customize ribbon" in the new window that will appear
  3. Above the left panel (list) choose "All commands"
  4. In the right panel choose one of the tabs e.g. "Home" and click "New group"
  5. It will appear on the list in the panel on the right and will be automatically selected
  6. Next, in the left panel search for "inteliLex", select it and click "Add"
  7. Under the new group "inteliLex" will appear, now you just need to save the changes and the launch button will appear

In Word 2016 "inteliLex" might not be shown on the list as a separate command. In this case, you should search for "My add-ins" instead of "inteliLex" in step 6. When you save your changes, you will be given a quick access to your add-ons, including inteliLex. The whole process is shown on this movie.

You want to know more?

You will find more information about how our system works and how to make the best use of it on our blog in the articles with #inteliLexHowTo hashtag. Visit also our YouTube channel and FAQ section on inteliLex website.

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