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Formatting text in MS Word

In this article you can information, how to format text pasted from inteliLex to speed up your work even more.

How to format text pasted from inteliLex?

Text pasted from inteliLex is automatically formatted according to the standard styles set in the editor. They might not fit into the format of the document the user is working on. However, formatting can be quick and simple, you just need to use one of the MS Word options - Format painter.

Format painter

It is a standard MS Word tool - it does not need any additional installations or licenses. It is availabe in nearly every Office application - Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Przydaje się szczególnie, gdy wklejamy treść z zewnętrznego źródła, tak jak ma to miejsce w przypadku inteliLex.

How does it work?

Format painter copies the exact style of one part of the text into another. What is important - the part that you want ot change has to be already existing. To "copy the format", first mark the fragment that you want to copy the format from, click "Format painter" (available usually by default within Home tab on the left) and mark the text you want to change. You can see an exaple how it works under this link.

What to take into account when copying the format?

This tool is very useful, but it does not always work as automatically as you might expect. One of the examples can be lists, that consist of many formats - different for the header section and different for sublevels, even though they are parts of one list. Format painter will copy only one format from this list, what causes the list we want to change to have one style - either the one from the header or sublevels. In such case, it is best to copy each style separately. Similar situation can be observed in each case, where more than one format is present in a single part of a text.


Format painter does not copy tables, only the format of the text inside (e.g. spacing between the lines). To put the text in the table, it has to be done manually.

Want to know more?

You can find more information on how inteliLex works and how to use it to get most of it on our blog in articles with hashtag #inteliLexHowTo. Visit also our YouTube channel and FAQ section on the main website.

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